Responsive Design

At PDX Design & Internet Marketing Solutions we understand that you want your customers to find you. That's why we we focus on Responsive Design which forces your site and its content to be scaleable on any device from your desktop to your phone. We build responsive websites using HTML 5 & CSS3 with jQuery. We build custom Bootstrap, Custom Templates and Cutom CMS Frame Work too..

Optimized Code

As Search Engine Optimization service provider, we make sure that when we develop web content for your business, we optimize our code from the ground up. Meaning that we follow a strict set of optimization standards that make your site optimal for the search engines to find and index. This means that by simply hiring us to design and develop your responsive web site, you're already ahead of the competition.

Custom CMS

Word Press is one of the best Content Management System used today. It's not only used as blog content however. Wordpress can be used to create excellent custom business and personal websites. WordPress is mostly responsive by default, But is also customizable on both the front and back-end. This makes for great web apps and simple business sites.


Search Engine Optimization is writing code and content that is easily recognized by Google and other search engines, and makes your site easily indexed among the specific categories of business content relating to your industry...


Social Media Marketing is designing, publishing and managing ads that show on social networks such as FaceBook and Google +. In most cases these Ads cost money. It does not cost money to create social business profiles build a following.


Pay Per Click advertising is self explanetory. You pay each time somebody clicks your ad. This applies to many networks, search and social. But primarily used in reference to Google AdWords and Bing Yahoo Ads.


Search Engine Marketing is any marketing that is used to make your site or company visible on any search engine, whether you pay for ads or you optimize your content to be organically ranked to appear when searched on the search results pages...

Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization is making your web site and its content viewable on any mobile device. Usually there are a few standard screen sizes that are targeted. So your web site and business will appear professional and readable on any phone or tablet...

Mobile Conversion

Taking a regular non-optimized site and making it Mobile friendly. We take your existing site and use the content to rebuild using responsive HTML 5 / CSS 3 so that your website and marketing materials look good across all devices.

  • Gordineir Studios, Portland
  • Oregon, US

PDX Built Our Online Store in 2 Weeks

Our Glass Studio was never found higher than the 5th or 6th pages.. PDX Built our online presence and got us ranking on the first page of Google in 2 months..