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Pay Per Click Advertising

At PDX Design & Internet Marketing Solutions we provide experience, know-how, common sense and above all dedication to customer service and support to implement a broad range of effective paid advertising and search engine optimization that results in conversions.

As an internet marketing company and consulting firm we believe that too many so-called SEO companies focus on how many click can be recorded then reported in Google Analytics. This is how we differ from said companies. Our goal is to create relevant content and online reputation to a point where you're online presence is no longer competing for clicks, but instead competing for your entire market based on that reputation that we will assist you in creating.

Pay Per Click Services Include:

  • Ongoing research and development of content and search phrases that prove to be successful.
  • Monthly reporting of your conversions as well as where your competition ranks.
  • Up-to-date keyword strategies and performance reports
  • Comprehensive analysis of client products, market, and competition
  • Content creation and publication to your website and social profiles
  • Quality Score monitoring and implementation.

Our Pay per Click Programs: 

Google Adwords:

  • 5 Key Phrases
  • Monthly submissions to over 5,000 sites on the client's behalf
  • Warranties 2 top 25 listings on the top 50 search sites - 1 keyword phrase on 2 search sites.
  • Free Setup / Budget Based on Number of Phrases

Bing / Yahoo:

  • Ideal for companies with very light to light search engine positioning competition
  • Monthly submissions to over 5,000 sites on the client's behalf
  • Warranties 6 top 25 listings on the top 50 search sites - 2 keyword phrases on 3 search sites.
  • Warranties 150 visitors over 3 months (an average of 50 visitors per month)
  • $1500.00 set-up + $149.95 monthly submission fee


  • Custom Facebook pages
  • Weekly Custom Content
  • 5 Ads targting specific demographic

YouTube Ads:

  • Adwords for Video
  • Monthly submissions to over 5,000 sites on the client's behalf
  • Warranties 50 top 25 listings on the top 50 search sites - 5 keyword phrases on 10 search sites.
  • Warranties 1200 visitors over 4 months (an average of 300 visitors per month)
  • Custom Movies Included in Some Packages (ask about details) 

TO REQUEST A QUOTE, CALL: 503-839-8426

We are an award winning SEO / Development Team. We bring a personal and professional consideration to each project. As an SEO company we've determined that clicks are only clicks until you speak with the person on the other end of the mouse. Your Success is Our Business.

CEO, Jack Baur

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PDX Design & Internet Marketing Solutions has been around since 1998 working as a graphics house for pre-press design in the print advertising industry.

With the .COM boom as it were taking off we began to see the need for better websites in the digital media marketing era.

    3 of our developers and 2 graphic design artists are still with us today and make up the seniority of the team.

    Additionally we have all taken the initiative to become Adwords Certified, for whatever that's worth. To us it's worth a lot!

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